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Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2017

I have purchased 400 of JYC GF battery for a solar project.JYC batteries are incredible and will out perform any other brand`s Gel or Led acid. And last 3000 or more cycles.

I have 400 of them + 2000 watts of solar and a 24 volt --3000 watt reliable inverter with 80 amp outback charge controller.
I run 400 to 800 watts all night with no problem. Batteries charge really fast even when cloudy. I have 8 brand new Trojan L-16's (370 usable amp hours) that weigh a ton that go down to 55% after a night of running. and these 400battle born (180 usable amp hours) are at 65% after a night of running. Its a no brain-er for me-Wish i knew about them before i purchased the Trojans-(I'll use those for the shop)
****5 Month Review:****
After 5 months of running it’s quite impressive how powerful these batteries are.
I have 600 batteries on a 24 volt system & runs on average 600 watts per hour at night and I still have a voltage of 25.8 volts in the morning. Batteries also charge so much faster the the lead acid I replaced–not to mention being maintenance free (BIG PLUS).
If you are thinking about a off grid or grid tie with battery backup application these batteries are worth every penny. Service seems to be a priority for this company which was a selling point at the beginning of my research for JYC Batteries.
Great investment!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Again

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