The JYC 5th Employee Military Training
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The JYC 5th Employee Military Training Activity
Jul 22,2020.

Military training is our JYC traditional culture.

Two days military training can improve staff's work enthusiasm and make colleagues more united .

1. Our team name is YUECHENG team, the slogan is: Go ahead, Never stop.

you can see that our colleagues are full of youth and vitality, I believe we will show the best performance.

2. The military posture under the hot sun, with surface temperatures retching 43 degrees Celsius ,we were still standing.

3. Rowing , Test the rapport between colleagues.only by cooperating with each other , can let the boat smoothly and increase speed.

4. Crossfire , Test the courage.The more you are afraid to do something, the less you can do it well.

5.Climb the 4.5m wall , Test the teamwork. the overall requirements are:well-defined duties and functions, clear division of work,rapid response, and orderly coordination.

6. Although the training is very hard, all of us are very happy.We should be like soldier, the firmidealfaith,exercise wheel quality,strengthen the fighting spirit,notlostinaseveretestinfront difficulties not retreat in the face of.

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