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This is the 2nd Battery to finalize our off grid RV. With 400Ahr's and 1250 watts of Solar and a 3000 Watt inverter, our Generator/Inverter is now nothing more then emergencies only.
The weight of the 2 JYC's  Batteries is 1/4 of the Lead Acid Batteries that they replaced, and provide 4 times as much usable energy, and zero maintenance. Before I had to add distilled water to the lead acid batteries monthly, which required disconnecting and removing the batteries from the coach due to the location where they were stored, this took about 4 hours a month. I'm expecting little to no maintenance for the next 10 Years with these.
With the (2) 200Ahr JYC batteries wired in parallel they will provided enough current to power the 3000 Watt Inverter to full capacity, where one Battery could only power a 2000w inverter. We can operate multiple high current appliances (microwave, hairdryer, vacuum) simultaneously now, where before with 1 battery, the battery internal protection circuit would shut the system down.

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